Parent Involvement Plan

Howell Graves Preschool’s 2016-2017

Title I Parental Involvement Plan

Howell Graves Preschool agrees to implement the following statutory requirements:


Policy Involvement

  1. Parent Orientation Night is conducted at the beginning of each school year.
  2. After the Parent Orientation at least two parent workshops are planned for the coming school year. At the workshops several things are discussed such as the parent involvement policy, our roles as partners as listed on the home-to-school compacts,  surveys to gather ideas for upcoming workshops, and simply to provide a more detailed description of what Title I represents in the way of assistance for the family and their child or children.
  3.  If the need for more workshops arises, additional gatherings will be planned.  As individual concerns arise, individual conferences will be held to allow for a more personal resolution.
  4. Parental Involvement Workshops will be held at various times throughout the school year.    The Title I teacher is also available on evenings when school-wide events are held to meet with those parents that were unable to attend a previous meeting.  If a parent is unable to come at any of the designated times, notes, calls and e-mails serve as a way to disseminate information.
  5. Parent input is always welcomed and utilized for planning parental involvement policies and activities in Title I.  This plan is updated based on information obtained from surveys are completed at the beginning and the end of the year.
  6. Information about Title I activities is sent to parents in a timely manner.  Curriculum for the Title I program is discussed at our initial workshop.  Progress monitoring information based on DIBELS and anecdotal notes are shared with parents during parent-teacher conference days.  Parents receive progress updates throughout the year.
  7. Any concerns or comments with the parent involvement plan or policy are reported to the Muscle Shoals City Schools Federal Programs Office in writing.

Shared responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement

  1. The Home-to-School Compact serves as an outline of how we as parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.  It defines specifically how we partner in the learning process. You will receive this compact at the Annual Title Meeting in the fall. You will be asked to sign the compact and return to the Title I teacher.

Building Capacity for Involvement

  1. It is very important to inform and explain the expectations and standards of the state of Alabama and Muscle Shoals City Schools administrators for student achievement.  Each regular classroom teacher meets with the parents and/or guardians of their students to orient them to the curriculum and assessments used.  Title I Parent Meetings serve to further educate those parents as to ways to help their children at home.  Suggestions include, but certainly are not limited to learning activities with everyday household items, making reading aloud more interesting, letter and sound practice, and using technology to provide learning opportunities and practice.
  2. We utilize the trained professionals and materials available from local agencies such as the Department of Human Services, the counseling and child development staff of the University of North Alabama and Northwest Shoals Community College, Riverbend Mental Health Services, the Muscle Shoals City Public Library, and local businesses in the area.
  3. Every effort is used to ensure that any notices of meetings and information concerning parents (to the extent possible) are relayed in various forms in a language the parents can understand.  These forms include telephone, e-mail, classroom and school newsletters, postcards and paper wristbands.


  1. It is the commitment of Howell Graves Preschool to provide numerous, meaningful opportunities for parents and families from all races, abilities, and/or socio-economic status to participate in the education of their children.