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    Tryouts will be the week after Spring Break, March 30-April 3.
    Monday - brief meeting with all students trying out
    Tuesday -Thursday - clinic and mock tryout
    Friday - tryout

    There will be a mandatory parent meeting on February 20th.
    Email Tanya Turner if you have questions:

    MSHS 2019-2020 Ambassadors

    Abby Grace Summers

    Kate Willingham

    Alex King

    Kolby Vaughn

    Aliee Reed

    Lauren Franks

    Amaria Fulgram

    Lauren McBrayer

    Anna Willingham

    Lauren Vance

    Ashley Phillips

    Luke Willingham

    Bentley Winsett

    Maggie Tubbs

    Braden Hall

    Mary Calvert Freeman

    Braeden Olson

    Meredith Lindsey

    Brock Carroll

    Natalie Turner

    Caleigh Aycock

    Nick Griffith

    Canon Mellott

    Owen Tinkham

    Caroline Willingham

    Parmis Hekamenesh

    Carter Arnold

    Reagan Huguley

    Clay McGuire

    Rebecca Schafer

    Clay Pitman

    Reggie Freeman

    Dax Crow

    Riley Grace Inman

    Eli Underwood

    Sahil Kumar

    Ellie Saylor

    Salil Kumar

    Ellyssa Tennery

    Sam Gargis

    Gursewak Singh

    Sam South

    Hailey Tucker

    Sara Puckett

    Halle McCrory

    Saylor Collum

    Isabella Peralta

    Sean McGuire

    Jacob Peters

    Taylor Tucker

    JaLyric Malone

    Todd Burcham

    Javar Strong

    Will Conner

    Joseph Clotfelter

    Zach Epperson

    Josie Westmoreland

    Zoe Wynn

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