Tips for Kindergarten

    • While you are at home, talk to your child about the fun things he/she will get to do and get to learn about while at school.
    • Discuss with your child about ways to talk to new friends that he/she will meet. Remind your child that the items at school “belong to all the children” so everyone needs to share. Discuss with your child about the supplies you have purchased and that they will stay at school for him/her to use.
    • Talk to your child about “good” bathroom habits such as closing the door, zipping up clothes before walking out and making sure to wash hands afterwards. If your child has issues about wiping, please use the time before school starts to master this task.
    • Please teach your child to tie his/her shoes.
    • If your child can print his/her first name, it would be wonderful; however, nor required. When working with your child on this skill, the first letter is uppercase and all other are lowercase letters.
    • We will have a snack at school every day. Talk to your child about healthy snack choices. You can even shop for these items together! (ex. Pretzels, cheese cracker, fruit, etc.) Any item that has sugar as the 1st ingredient should not be sent to school.
    • Assure your child that you will be back to school on time to pick up him/her. If you are not on time for pickup, it can be frightening for your child.
    • We hope these thoughts will help ease your child through the transition of starting to kindergarten.

    Thank you,

    Kindergarten Teachers