• Work Order System

    • To access the new system:  Click here.
    1. Visit the district website then go to the Employees Ribbon and click Technology
      (or from any browser or phone go to Work Order System)
    2. The first time you must login by clicking the "login" text in the upper right corner
    3. At the login screen click the login using "Google" button. 
    4. If you use gmail, it will automatically connect, if not you will have to enter your MSCS email address and password.
    • To submit a new ticket:
    1. Click the "+ New Support Ticket" link on the right side
    2. Fill out the few questions on the form and click the Submit button
      1. You can even attach files or insert pictures if necessary
    3. From this portal you can click tickets to view the status of any open or closed tickets you have submitted or make an update on an existing ticket.