Extended Day Can Make a Difference

  • Extended Day Programs are in place at Howell Graves Preschool, Highland Park Elementary, Webster Elementary, McBride Elementary, Muscle Shoals Middle School and the Muscle Shoals Early Learning Center.  EDP operates every day and follows the same calendar as the school system.  Extended Day is offered as a service to working parents who need care for their children in grades PK-6.  The goal of the Muscle Shoals City Schools Community Education Program is to provide enrichment opportunities that extend past the regular school day in a secure environment during the after school hours.  The Extended Day Program maintains an adult to child ratio that provides student safety while offering the warmth each child needs to grow and mature.  During the after school hours, students work on homework, engage in indoor and outdoor recreation activities, take part in enrichment activities (depending upon the school site) such as art, cooking, soccer, STEM enrichment, and dance.  Space in the Extended Day Program is very limited!