• Mrs. Myhan's Kangaroo Class

Mrs. Myhan
  •       Hello, my name is Lisa Myhan, I would like to share a little about myself. In my spare time I like to spend time with my grandchildren, ride ATV’s, camp and spend time reading my Bible. I also enjoy working in my flower gardens.  I love to think about God’s word while I work in my flowers, His lessons become clearer to me as I work through the weeds and the beauty of my flowers. My husband Kenny and I will have been married for thirty years. Kenny and I have two married sons and two precious grandchildren.
          I graduated from the University of North Alabama in 1985, and earned my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 1989. I have taught Kindergarten for thirty years. I happily accepted the Kindergarten position in Muscle Shoals City Schools in 1997.
          I would like to explain my feelings and thoughts concerning education. I feel the first thing a teacher should do is establish a friendly relationship with each child. I think one of the best ways to do this is by letting each child know that he is someone special. Children need to feel important and have a good self-esteem in order to develop fully. A positive self-esteem will better enable a child to have the confidence implanted in order to attempt and reach higher goals.
           The second goal I desire for each child is to understand what behaviors are acceptable while at school. In order to do this, I will take time to teach each rule thoroughly, through stories, songs, and games. I strongly believe in, “teach the rules first, and then play the game”. Throughout the school year I will stress positive character development as we learn acceptable ways to treat others and how to better ourselves.
         Finally, a child must have a firm foundation in the basics of education. This will enable the child to become a competent and well-functioning person in society.
         I believe a child learns best by experience; therefore we will do lots of moving, exploring, reading, writing, singing, building, visiting, projects, cooking and tasting. This type of interactive learning allows the child to not only hear about a topic, but actually experience the learning, after all, isn’t, “experience the best teacher of all”.
         To make these goals become reality, we must work together, parent, child and teacher. You expect me to work and teach your child at school; in return, I need you to nightly look at your child’s daily folder and work on the reading & math homework. Look for notes, permission forms and sign the behavior sheet daily. Please talk to your child each day about events that are going on in school. Working together, teacher, parent, and child, we will make a positive difference in your child’s life.
         These are the things that I feel are important and that I will provide for your child during this first important year at school.

    Howell Graves Phone number- 256-389-2630
    School Email- lmyhan@mscs.k12.al.us

  •   Mike Mathney, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals wrote a manifesto for his young baseball player’s parents, after reading an article about him in Guidepost, May 2015, I thought how much his wisdom could be applied to the academic
    classroom as well. Mike stated that (paraphrased to fit the academic classroom)
    Parents should always support their children and be involved, review, read, practice and prepare at home. Get your child to school on time and prepared for the day, enough rest, breakfast, notes signed and books returned.

    What I liked most about the article was that he wanted children to learn:
    Attitude, concentration and effort are three things that every child can control.
    “If your child will give me these three things every day when they show up to ‘school’ 
    we will have a great ‘learning’ experience.”