• Beliefs

    We believe that:
    1. Learning is our primary focus.
    2. All students can learn regardless of indivudual differences.
    3. Student learning is promoted through a safe, positive, and physically comfortable environment. 
    4. Instruction and decision-making are data driven.
    5. Student learning is maximized through individualized, developmentally appropriate instruction, and challenging problem solving. 
    6. Technology implementation is beneficial to produce self-confident, life-long learners. 
    7. Parental and community involvement plays a major role in the success of our school.


    Children will have opportunities to:
    1. Develop a positive self-image.
    2. Enhance their social and emotional development. 
    3. Expand early concepts, independent thinking, and problem solving.
    4. Make choices.
    5. Improve all communication skills.
    6. Expand their interest in the natural world.
    7. Advance in the development of fundamental motor skills and abilities.
    8. Have their individual mental, social, emotional, and physical needs identified.
    9. Increase their capability for self discipline. 
    10. Further their development of respect for others.
    11. Promote their aesthetic appreciation and expression in drama, art, and music.
    12. Nurture their creativitiy.