Welcome to Muscle Shoals Career Academy


    Mission Statement

    Every Student College and Career Ready!


    About the School

    The Muscle Shoals Career Academy's faculty envisions the active participation of each student in the teaching-learning process.  We believe that the 21st Century offers many opportunities and challenges for students in their quest to become productive citizens in an ever-changing world of global economics and political ideology.  As caretakers of tomorrow's humanity, it is our obligation to provide an environment conducive to learning; that all children may grow in prosperity and develop a love of country, thus providing a better community, state, nation and world for all mankind.

    As the vision statement above indicates, the faculty and administration believe that career and technical education contribute significantly to the educational development of students into productive citizens.  We strive to provide all students with an instructional program that is student centered, technically innovative, and industry-based.  In addition, continued emphasis on best educational practices is an essential component of our ongoing school improvement process.  Approximately sixty percent of our faculty holds advanced practice degrees, and we vigilantly search for the most current educational practices and optimal organizational conditions.  Our school administration and faculty desire to deliver ‘cutting-edge' instruction in each career and technical arena.  The instructional process is based upon the premise that all students will:


    • Acquire career and technical skills and a broad base of related knowledge in a particular occupational area or occupational cluster.
    • Develop pride in work and appreciation of good craftsmanship and service.
    • Construct good occupational work and safety habits.
    • Acquire leadership qualities through laboratory/shop and student career and technical student organizations.
    • Develop increased self-confidence in himself/herself and his/her abilities.
    • Develop interpersonal relationship skills required in the world of work.



    Community and School Relations

    Muscle Shoals Career Academy maintains effective communications and relationships with stakeholders in a number of ways. Morning and afternoon announcements are accessible to faculty, staff, and students on the school website, which is published by students at the end of first period daily.  Announcements are also emailed to every faculty member every day.

    The school website advises the community of scheduled school events and other important school news. Our faculty maintains individual web pages to facilitate teacher, parent, and student communication.  Teachers post syllabi, assignments, notes, and other materials related to classroom lessons.  Students and parents can also email teachers from the school's website.

    We offer the opportunity for parents and students to discuss with teachers information on their classes and expectations for student achievement.  Parent/teacher conference days are scheduled as needed to give parents, teachers, and students a chance to stay informed on any issues concerning student progress.

    Parents and students can access important information about their children directly from their computer, anytime, anywhere through PowerSchool Home.  The information that can be accessed includes lesson plans, assignments, grades, class schedules, attendance records, discipline reports, activity announcements, and homework assignments.

    Our faculty maintains community relations through advisory committees which are made up of area business leaders, instructors, parents and community leaders.  Advisory committees meet a minimum of once each semester to discuss individual programs.  Each program seeks advice from its committee members on how to improve the program for the students.