• The Trojan Kids Community Learning Center is made up of two schools.  Howell Graves Preschool and Highland Park Elementary are served under the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant until September 2019.  This is a federal grant that is in place to help offer quality after and before school programs.  The TKCLC program places a huge focus on academic learning as well as STEM enrichment.  The TKCLC has a morning tutoring program at Highland Park.  This program is in place to help students who are struggling and below grade level.  Recommendations for the morning tutoring program are made by principals and classroom teachers.  The TKCLC program is at no cost to parents.

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) enrichment classes take place each week at the TKCLC sites.  These classes include early robotics training with Dot and Dash, Kitchen Chemistry, and Mango Math.  Please check out the TKCLC calendar for upcoming events!