Core Beliefs

    • Positive relationships grounded in understanding and respect among students, staff, and the community open doors to more enriched curricular and extracurricular experiences.
    • Effective communication helps us connect, share, and understand.
    • Schools are safe, caring environments where students explore their interests and develop their talents while celebrating the diversity that makes each person unique.
    • Faculty and staff are committed to high-quality, student-centered, sustained professional learning in order to prepare students for an ever-changing, advancing world.
    • All students can learn through innovative and rigorous experiences coupled with high expectations for growth that allow them to maximize their potential.
    • Partnerships with families, business and industry, post-secondary institutions, community agencies, and government create and sustain outstanding facilities, resources, and support systems in order to provide excellent educational opportunities and healthy and clean environments for students and staff.
    • Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and work and can improve communication, collaboration, and critical thinking to transform the way students learn.