• Edgenuity

    Edgenuity is an online reading strategy instructional platform that is aligned with your STAR reading diagnostic assessment. Each week, you will be responsible for completing one online lesson sequence and accompanying quiz, which will be worth a weekly 25-point summative grade. If you miss a lesson sequence/quiz, you must complete the missing assignments PLUS the new lesson sequence/quiz. You may complete the assignments from any computer or Smartphone that has Internet access. This is a weekly homework assignment; you may or may not have time to work on it during class. You are always welcome to use my Chromebooks before or after school.

    You are required to complete one NEW lesson SEQUENCE and take one NEW QUIZ per week. Each quiz will be entered in INOW as weekly 25 point test grade.

    If you complete more than one quiz in a week before Friday at class time, I will average the scores together for your weekly grade. You will still be required to take a NEW quiz by the following Friday at class time.

    If you score lower than 70% on your quiz 1st attempt, YOU ARE REQUIRED to complete 2nd attempt. If your highest quiz score is lower than 60%, I will record your grade in the gradebook, but I will also reset that lesson so that you will have to repeat it before moving forward. I will replace the failing grade with the average of the original and retest scores. You are still required to complete a NEW lesson sequence and quiz if you have to repeat a lesson.

    A NEW lesson sequence is due by classtime on EACH FRIDAY.