• Gradebook Percentages

    Daily Grades and Homework 15%

    Quizzes 20%

    Tests and Projects 65%


    Homework Grades

    Homework grades can be taken in the form of an accuracy check or completion check. Accuracy check selects five random homework problems that are then graded based on correctness of the problem. Completion checks look at the amount of homework that is completed. If the student completes all of his/her homework they receive a 100, more than half but not fully complete receive a grade of 50, less than half of the homework completed would result in a 0. Homework is checked for completion or accuracy daily. It is important for students to complete every assignment fully and correctly to earn the max points.



    Quizzes are given weekly based on a skill previously studied. Students will have sample problems and notes to study at home that are based on the daily quiz. 



    Test are announced with at least a week's notice. Students will receive a study guide prior to the test to study and prepare for the test. The daily homework problems are a great resource to begin studying for the test prior to receiving the study guide.