• Muscle Shoals Middle School

    Pre-Algebra/ Algebra 1


    Students will earn class grades by completing homework, quizzes, and tests.

    65% - Test average

    20% - Quiz average

    15% - Homework average


    Homework will be assigned almost every day so that you can practice what you are learning. The homework will be checked by either completion or accuracy.  If the homework is checked for completion a grade of 0%, 50%, or 100% will be given based on how much of the homework has been completed.  YOU MUST SHOW WORK!!!! 100% completion will receive a grade of "100."  Less than 100% completion but more than 50% completion will receive a grade of "50."  Less than 50% completion will receive a grade of "0.”  Credit is based on teacher discretion.  Every fifth zero will result in a write-up.  Homework may also be graded based on accuracy at the teacher's discretion.  Homework graded based on accuracy does not apply to the work policy.  Late work will only be accepted due to an excused absence.  This policy will start over at the beginning of each grading period.

    HHH (Helpful Homework Hints):

    -First, refer back to your notes when you are having trouble.

    -Second, solve it as far as you can.

    -Third, write a short explanation of your difficulty.

    Materials and Supplies:

    *Composition Notebook


    *Bring your planner to class each day and copy important information from the board.

    *Pencils!!! Pencils!!!  Pencils!!!  (Points will be deducted for any work not done in pencil)

    Classroom Guidelines:

    *Be responsible for your work. Bring  supplies and homework every day.

    *Enter class ready to work and be in your seat when the bell rings.

    *Treat others with respect.

    If you come to class each day prepared and willing to work hard you will be successful!