• The Visual Art Program at MSHS is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the Principles and Elements of Design and through guided practice, attain the ability to create successful compositions in a variety of mediums. Our art classes are divided into Art 1 and Advanced Art. The following is a sampling of offered mediums and techniques:



    Printmaking on paper and cloth

    Pen and Ink Illustration


    Basic Drafting techniques

    Graphic Design 

    Cermics including wheel thrown pottery

    Sculpture including mold making and casting

    Wood Burning and basic carving 

    Colored Pencil illustration


    Mixed Media

    In addition to Art techniques, students will also be immersed in Art History. Learning the History of Art is important in the overall growth of every artist. Being able to draw on a visual memory of other works from various cultures and art movements when creating compositions can strenghten an artwork's impact and validity.

    Students will also learn about various art career paths they may wish to explore. The majority of projects that students will work on during the semester are based upon real world products that are being produced in art related fields. Students that show interest in any particular field can concentrate on mediums and techniques that will help them build a portfolio for that particular program.