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Board of Education



  Muscle Shoals City Schools
  3200 S Wilson Dam Road
  Muscle Shoals, AL  35661
  (256) 389-2600


Dr. Brian Lindsey 256-389-2600  Extn: 1005
Superintendent Email Dr. Brian Lindsey
Dr. Denise Woods 256-389-2600  Extn: 1002
Assistant Superintendent Email Dr. Denise Woods
Mr. Michael Aycock (256) 349-8069
Maintenance Email Mr. Michael Aycock
Dr. Matthew Carpenter 256-389-2600  Extn: 1082
Assistant Supervisor of Student Services and 504 Coordinator Email Dr. Matthew Carpenter
Dr. Dennis Conner 256-389-2600  Extn: 1013
Non-resident, Attendance and Instructional Support Coordinator Email Dr. Dennis Conner
Mr. Adam Cox 256-389-2600  Extn: 1041
Technology Specialist Email Mr. Adam Cox
Mr. Bruce Daily (256) 349-9776
Transportation Email Mr. Bruce Daily
Mr. Dan Green (256) 349-9659
Maintenance Email Mr. Dan Green
Mrs. Tonya Green 256-389-2600  Extn: 1006
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent Email Mrs. Tonya Green
Mrs. Anita Hall 256-389-2600  Extn: 1022
Accounting Clerk Email Mrs. Anita Hall
Mrs. Dianne Hollimon 256-389-2600  Extn: 1021
Payroll/Benefits Supervisor Email Mrs. Dianne Hollimon
Mrs. Monica Jeffreys 256-389-2600  Extn: 1012
Community Education Email Mrs. Monica Jeffreys
Mr. Brian Kilpatrick 256-389-2600  Extn: 1088
Alternative Education Email Mr. Brian Kilpatrick
Mr. John McClanahan 256-389-2600  Extn: 1042
Technology Specialist Supervisor Email Mr. John McClanahan
Mr. Todd Meckes 256-389-2600  Extn: 1043
Technology Specialist Email Mr. Todd Meckes
Mr. Terry Pearson (256) 349-9797
Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. Terry Pearson
Ms. Pam Russell 256-389-2600  Extn: 1080
Supervisor of Student Services Email Ms. Pam Russell
Mr. David Rutz (256) 349-9779
Maintenance / HVAC Email Mr. David Rutz
Mrs. Karran Sasser 256-389-2698
Education Foundation Director Email Mrs. Karran Sasser
Mrs. Terri Self 256-389-2600  Extn: 1007
Child Nutrition Secretary Email Mrs. Terri Self
Mrs. Lori Shelton 256-389-2600  Extn: 1081
Student Services Secretary Email Mrs. Lori Shelton
Ms. Sharon Smith 256-389-2600  Extn: 1004
Secretary/Accounting Email Ms. Sharon Smith
Mrs. Betsy Speer 256-389-2600  Extn: 1010
Child Nutrition Director Email Mrs. Betsy Speer
Mr. Kevin Stephenson 256-389-2600  Extn: 1040
Technology Coordinator Email Mr. Kevin Stephenson
Ms. Sarita Tapscott 256.389.2600 x1020
Chief School Financial Officer Email Ms. Sarita Tapscott
Mrs. Kelley Word 256-389-2640  Extn: 1409
Lead School Nurse Email Mrs. Kelley Word
Mrs. Lori Woolfolk 256-389-2600  Extn: 1005
Secretary to the Superintendent Email Mrs. Lori Woolfolk
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